JavaScript Scheduler

JavaScript Scheduler Component

The JavaScript Scheduler is a visual UI component that shows a timeline view for multiple resources. The time is displayed on the horizontal (X) axis and resources are displayed as rows (on the vertical axis).

The behavior of the Scheduler component can be customized using a rich JavaScript API.

You can customize the appearance of the JavaScript Scheduler using CSS. There are several CSS themes included in the download package. You can also design your own

To quickly explore the basic configuration options you can use the online UI Builder configurator. It will let you see the configuration changes in a live preview. You can also generate and download a project with the selected configuration. This way you can start your proof-of-concept implementation in minutes.

DayPilot Scheduler supports popular frameworks, such as AngularReact, and Vue.

Download  Live Demo

Drag and Drop

JavaScript Scheduler Drag and Drop

The scheduler includes out-of-the-box support for drag and drop operations:

  • Create events
  • Move events
  • Resize events
  • Drag events from an external list (unscheduled events)
  • Drag items from desktop
  • Drag items into events
  • Drag items from events
  • Select multiple events using Shift + drag
  • Push existing events at the target location
  • Swap events using drag and drop
  • The Scheduler viewport scrolls automatically during drag and drop

Read more about drag and drop scheduler support.

Rapid Prototyping

JavaScript Scheduler Rapid Prototyping   6 Lines of Code Required

Create the first prototype in a few minutes

  • UI Builder: Generate and download a pre-configured project for JavaScript, Angular, React or Vue.
  • Theme Designer: Create a CSS theme that matches your site/app.
  • Single JavaScript file required.
  • Only 6 lines of code necessary for the basic setup.
  • No external stylesheet required: The default CSS theme included.
  • Start with sample projects from to save time.

Read more about the rapid scheduler prototyping.

Scheduler Themes

javascript scheduler windows css theme

The scheduler supports full CSS styling. You can change the look using one of the included themes:

  • Theme 8
  • Blue
  • White
  • Green
  • Transparent
  • Traditional

You can create a custom theme using the online WYSIWYG CSS theme designer.

Read more about scheduler themes.

Common UI Tasks

javascript scheduler common ui tasks

The scheduler has built-in UI support for common tasks:

  • Create events
  • Move events
  • Resize events
  • Edit events
  • Delete events
  • Select events (Ctrl + click, Shift + click, Shift + drag)
  • Add action using a context menu
  • Show details on event hover
  • Copy and paste
  • Create, select, move, resize multiple events at once
  • Drag events from list of unscheduled events

Read more about common UI tasks.

Large Data Sets

javascript scheduler large data set

The scheduler is designed to handle thousands of events:

  • Progressive event rendering
  • On-demand event loading using AJAX
  • Dynamic resource tree nodes

Read more about displaying large data sets using the scheduler.

User Experience

javascript scheduler user experience message

The scheduler lets you build great user experience using the built-in UI elements:

  • Integrated message bar
  • Event status icons
  • Inline event action hints
  • Crosshair highlighting the current position

Read more about the user experience.

Scheduler Internationalization

javascript scheduler localization

The scheduler supports customization of all texts, custom date and time formats, 12/24 hour clock. Built-in support for 34 locales.

Read more about internationalization.

Small Footprint

javascript scheduler small footpring

DayPilot doesn't require any third party JavaScript library which reduces the total footprint.

  • Minified and gzipped JavaScript size: 268 kB
  • Minified JavaScript size: 876 kB

You can reduce the footprint to 133 kB (minified, gzipped) by including only the files required for the Scheduler component.

Read more about the scheduler small footprint.


javascript scheduler resources

You can customize the Y axis of the scheduler that displays the resource list:

  • Arrange resources in groups and subgroups (resource tree)
  • Dynamic node children loading
  • Additional resource header columns

Read more about resources.

Frozen Rows

javascript scheduler component frozen rows

Selected Scheduler rows can be frozen either at the top or the bottom of the Scheduler grid. These frozen rows won't scroll with the rest of the content, remaining stationary instead.

Frozen rows can help in user interface design, as they can present content that needs to remain fixed. Here are some common use cases:

  1. Unassigned events: Use a frozen row at the top of the Scheduler to display events scheduled at specific times that are not yet assigned to any particular resource (person, location, machine).
  2. Summary: You can use frozen rows to display summary information for each column, such as totals, utilization charts, number of occupied and available slots, or warnings.
  3. Key Dates/Times: If your grid represents a long timeline, you can use a frozen row to highlight key dates or times, such as deadlines or milestones, ensuring these crucial points are always visible.
  4. Reference: You can pin a key resource row at the top to display reference data.
  5. UI Controls: You can use a frozen row to enable actions related to date/time column (such as selecting time columns using drag and drop).

Dependency Links

Dependency Links in the Scheduler Component

You can use links to connect events/tasks in the Scheduler.

  • Links can highlight related events (see the shift scheduling tutorial), show task dependencies or point to the next workflow step (see the production workflow scheduling tutorial).
  • You can specify custom line style, color, width or add a CSS class.
  • Users can can create links using drag and drop.
  • Link paths can be curved or right-angled.

Read more about links.

Flexible Timeline

JavaScript Scheduler Flexible Timeline

You can select one of the pre-defined timeline scale units or create a custom timeline:

  • Minutes
  • Hours
  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Quarters
  • Years

You can customize the time header rows, groups and the date/time format.

Read more about the flexible timeline.

Mobile Support

html5 scheduler for touch devices ipad iphone android

The Scheduler supports mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (iOS) and Android devices.

Cell Customization

javascript scheduler grid cell customization

Customize cell properties such as width, height, HTML, CSS, background color, background image.

The scheduler includes built-in support for marking non-business hours/days (weekends).

Read more about cell customization.

Event Customization

javascript scheduler event customization

You can customize the scheduler event properties, such as:

  • HTML
  • CSS class
  • dimensions
  • background color
  • duration bar color
  • duration bar background
  • event actions (moving, resizing, clicking, etc.)
  • event bubble (hover detail box)

Read more about event customization.

JavaScript Scheduler Tutorials

Featured Tutorial: 

  • PHP Shift Planning
    This tutorial shows how to build a PHP application for visual shift scheduling. You can plan shift assignments for multiple locations. JavaScript/HTML5 frontend and MySQL fatabase.

php shift planning tutorial javascript html5 mysql

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