Large Data Sets - JavaScript Scheduler

The scheduler is designed to handle thousands of events.

Progressive event rendering

javascript daypilot large data sets

The scheduler renders the event boxes progressively as the users scrolls. This keeps the initial DOM size small and makes the rendering faster. The events are pre-loaded for the visible range so the scrolling is fast.

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On-demand event loading using AJAX

javascript scheduler on demand event loading

If the progressive rendering is not performing well enough when displaying huge data sets you can switch to on-demain event loading: the event data will by loaded from the server using an AJAX call during scrolling. This makes the scheduler more scalable - the initial rendering is not affected by the total number of events in the visible range.

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On-Demand Event Loading Tutorial

Progressive row header rendering

By default, the row headers are only rendered for the rows that are in the current viewport. This allows displaying thousands of rows in the Scheduler without slowing down the page load and scrolling.

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Dynamic loading of resource tree nodes

javascript scheduler dynamic tree loading

You can increase the scheduler performance by arranging the resources in groups. The tree nodes can be loaded upon clicking the expand [+] icon. This reduces the the number of events that need to be pre-loaded while keeping all the resource groups available.

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