JavaScript Scheduler

javascript html5 scheduler

DayPilot JavaScript Scheduler component displays a timeline for multiple resources. It can be switched to a Gantt mode (one event/task per row). Supports AJAX and HTML5.

JavaScript Gantt Chart

javascript html5 gantt chart

Gantt Chart displays a timeline with each task on a separate line. Supports drag and drop operations, HTML5, CSS3 styling.

JavaScript Event Calendar

javascript html5 event calendar

DayPilot Calendar displays a daily and weekly event calendar. Supports AJAX and HTML5.

JavaScript Monthly Calendar

javascript html5 monthly event calendar

DayPilot Month displays a monthly event calendar. Supports AJAX and HTML5.

Online Configurator

scheduler ui builder angular javascript

Create a quick proof of concept using DayPilot UI Builder. You can use this visual tool to configure the component appearance and properties and generate a downloadable project (JavaScript, Angular, React and Vue are supported).