1. Introduction


HTML5 Scheduler

HTML5 Gantt Chart (JavaScript/PHP)

HTML5 Monthly Event Calendar for (JavaScript/PHP)

HTML5 Event Calendar (JavaScript/PHP)

AngularJS (1.x)

AngularJS Scheduler Tutorial

AngularJS Event Calendar (Open-Source)


Angular 2 Scheduler (TypeScript)

Angular 2 Scheduler and Angular CLI (TypeScript)

Angular 2 Scheduler (TypeScript, Java/Spring Boot)

Angular 2 Gantt Chart (TypeScript, PHP/MySQL)

Angular 2 Calendar (TypeScript, PHP/MySQL)

2. Quick Start Projects

Minimum project setup that includes the required boilerplate code.


Angular 4 Calendar Quick Start Project

Angular 4 Monthly Event Calendar Quick Start Project

Angular 4 Scheduler Quick Start Project

Angular 4 Gantt Chart Quick Start Project

3. Features


HTML5 Calendar with Day/Week/Month Views (JavaScript, PHP)

HTML5 Event Calendar for a Mobile App (Cordova/PhoneGap)

HTML5 Event Calendar for Touch Devices - iPad, iPhone, Android (PHP, JavaScript)

HTML5 Scheduler for Touch Devices - iPad, iPhone, Android (PHP, JavaScript)

HTML5 Scheduler and Modal Dialog (jQuery)

HTML5 Scheduler with Dynamic Event Loading

HTML5 Scheduler Time Header Customization


Angular 2 Scheduler: Displaying Event Phases

Angular 2 Scheduler: Event Copy & Paste

Angular 2 Scheduler: Read-Only and Edit Mode Switching

Angular 2 Scheduler: Modal Dialog for Event Editing

Angular 2 Scheduler: Event Filtering

Angular 2 Scheduler: Row Filtering

Angular 2 Scheduler: Date Navigation

Angular 2 Scheduler: Full Screen Layout

Angular 2 Scheduler: Resource Management

Angular 2 Scheduler: Ahead-of-Time (AOT) Compilation

Angular 2 Calendar: CSS Themes

4. Applications


HTML5 Tennis Court Reservation (PHP, JavaScript)

HTML5 Hotel Room Booking (JavaScript/PHP)

HTML5 Timesheet (JavaScript, PHP)

AngularJS (1.x)

AngularJS Hotel Room Booking Tutorial

AngularJS Doctor Appointment Scheduling Tutorial (PHP)


Angular 2+ Hotel Room Booking (PHP/MySQL)

Angular 4 Restaurant Table Reservation (PHP/MySQL)

DayPilot for JavaScript, ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, Java