Common UI Tasks - JavaScript Scheduler

The JavaScript Scheduler component includes built-in UI support for common tasks.

Event editing

javascript scheduler event editing

You can edit event details using a modal dialog. This method is demonstrated in the HTML5 Scheduler Tutorial [].

See also event editing [].

Event deleting

JavaScript Scheduler Event Deleting

See also event deleting [].

Event selecting

JavaScript Scheduler Event Selecting

See also event selecting [].

Event context menu

JavaScript Scheduler Event Context Menu

See also event context menu [].

Event hover details

JavaScript Scheduler Event Hover Details

See also event bubble [].

Event copy and paste

JavaScript Scheduler Event Copying

See also event copying [].

Event creating

JavaScript Scheduler Drag and Drop Event Creating

Event moving

JavaScript Scheduler Drag and Drop Event Moving

See also event moving [].

Event resizing

JavaScript Scheduler Drag and Drop Event Resizing

See also event resizing [].

Drag and drop from a list of unscheduled events

JavaScript Scheduler External Drag and Drop

See also external drag and drop [].