DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 8.1 SP5

Release date: October 6, 2015 (build 8.1.1885)

javascript scheduler event versions


  • [Scheduler] Event versions demo added (Scheduler). (build 1852)
  • [Navigator] onBeforeCellRender implemented (Navigator). (build 1853)
  • [Scheduler] fontColor property applied to the floating event div (Scheduler). (build 1855)
  • [Scheduler] Active areas supported in floating event divs (Scheduler). (build 1856)
  • [Scheduler] Original event active areas hidden when floating event div is active (Scheduler). (build 1857)
  • [Scheduler] Scheduler AngularJS plugin uses preInit/postInit - allows specifying .scrollTo and .events properties in config. (build 1860)
  • [Scheduler] .scrollToPosition, .scrollToAnimated properties supported in options - init(), jQuery, AngularJS (Scheduler) (build 1861)
  • [Navigator] "daypilot-events" attribute supported in <daypilot-navigator> element in AngularJS plugin. (build 1866)
  • [Scheduler] Async validation implemented for onEventMove - args.async, args.loaded() (Scheduler). (build 1867)
  • [Navigator] More efficient free/busy update in AngularJS (Navigator). (build 1868)


  • [Navigator] Auto-adjusting the visible range when changing the selected date fixed (Navigator). (build 1859)
  • [Scheduler] The default browser menu doesn't appear when you call args.preventDefault() in onEventRightClick event - fixed (Scheduler). (build 1863)
  • [Scheduler] Adjusting in onBeforeEventRender fixed (Scheduler). (build 1864)
  • [Navigator] Initial selection highlighting in edge cases fixed (Navigator). (build 1869)
  • [Scheduler] Events with zero visibility (e.g. when non-business hours are hidden) are not rendered (unlike zero-duration events) - fixed (Scheduler). (build 1870)