DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 8.0

Planned release date: February 16, 2015 (build 8.0.1514)

Event Multi-Moving (Scheduler)

html5 scheduler moving multiple events

The JavaScript scheduler control supports moving all selected events at once.



Time Range Multi-Selecting (Scheduler)

html5 scheduler selecting multiple ranges

The JavaScript scheduler control allows selecting multiple time ranges in different rows at once (hold Ctrl during selecting).



API Changes

The legacy CssOnly=false mode is not supported anymore. The cssOnly property value will be ignored.

See also:


  • [Calendar] visibleStart(), visibleEnd() added (Calendar, Scheduler). (build 1424)
  • [Scheduler] visibleStart(), visibleEnd() added (Calendar, Scheduler). (build 1424)
  • [Gantt] visibleStart(), visibleEnd() added (Gantt). (build 1424)
  • [Month] visibleStart(), visibleEnd() added (Month). (build 1424)
  • [Calendar] .columns array used only for viewType="Resources" (Calendar). (build 1427)
  • [Scheduler] .eventTapAndHoldHandling implemented: "Move" | "ContextMenu" (Scheduler). (build 1428)
  • [Scheduler] Improving Chrome grid scrolling perfromance (Scheduler). (build 1429)
  • Support for tags property in data (DayPilot.Event). (build 1430)
  • Array.indexOf call removed (IE8 error). (build 1435)
  • [Calendar] .update() allows switching columnWidthSpec mode (Calendar). (build 1442)
  • DayPilot.DatePicker.onShow event. (build 1457)
  • DayPilot.ModalStatic.stretch() (build 1458)
  • [Scheduler] .useBorderFor100PctHeight property added - default false (Scheduler). (build 1470)
  • [Scheduler] .useBorderFor100PctHeight (false) --> hideBorderFor100PctHeight (true) (Scheduler). (build 1470)
  • [Scheduler] Not wrapping event text (Scheduler). (build 1471)
  • [Scheduler] Timesheet mode (viewType == "Days") works with showNonBusiness = false (Scheduler). (build 1477)
  • [Scheduler] hideBorderFor100PctHeight (false) - Scheduler (build 1479)
  • [Scheduler] Default themes updated - row selecting, row creating, forbidden event drag and drop position, moving source (Scheduler). (build 1483)
  • [Scheduler] .eventTextWrappingEnabled(false) implemented (Scheduler). (build 1486)
  • [Scheduler] .timeHeaderTextWrappingEnabled(false) implemented (Scheduler). (build 1486)
  • [Scheduler] Event multimoving demo (Scheduler). (build 1486)
  • [Scheduler] Multi-range and overlap prevention (Scheduler). (build 1499)
  • [Scheduler] Showing loading label during scroll delays (Scheduler). (build 1501)
  • Modal: Auto width stretching (preventing horizontal scrollbar). (build 1506)


  • [Gantt] Tree state synchronization fixed (Gantt). (build 1423)
  • [Navigator] Navigation fixed - DayPilot.Util.evalVariable() (Navigator). (build 1425)
  • [Calendar] Default time header (vertical axis) HTML fixed for timeHeaderCellDuration != 60 (Calendar). (build 1426)
  • [Calendar] timeHeaderCellDuration + dayBeginsHour fixed (Calendar). (build 1432)
  • [Scheduler] Inline event editing escape key fix (Scheduler). (build 1433)
  • [Month] Overriding filter style in event background fixed, IE8, IE9 (Calendar, Month). (build 1437)
  • [Calendar] Overriding filter style in event background fixed, IE8, IE9 (Calendar, Month). (build 1437)
  • [Calendar] Header scrolling synchronization fixed (Calendar). (build 1441)
  • [Calendar] BeforeHeaderRender and current culture fixed (Calendar). (build 1457)
  • [Calendar] All-day event context menu displayed default browser menu - fixed (Calendar). (build 1461)
  • [Calendar] showCurrentTime mode fixed (Calendar). (build 1471)
  • [Scheduler] in onBeforeCellRender fixed (Scheduler). (build 1482)
  • [Scheduler] Tree state synchronization with .resources fixed - retains the expanded node status after .update() (Scheduler) (build 1485)
  • [Scheduler] Event multimoving and overlap prevention fixed (Scheduler). (build 1486)
  • [Scheduler] Time range selecting and event resizing fixed for viewType="Days" (Scheduler). (build 1510)