DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 7.9 SP6

Release date: December 10, 2014 (build 7.9.1379)


  • [Scheduler] onEventMoving/args.allowed supported (and *_shadow_forbidden CSS class). (build 1340)
  • [Scheduler] .dynamicEventRenderingMargin applied to background cells pre-rendering as well. (build 1342)
  • [Scheduler] .dynamicEventRenderingMargin applied to cells vertically (build 1344)
  • [Scheduler] .eventEndSpec handling applied to output values as well: onEventMove, onEventMoved, onEventMoving, onEventResize, onEventResized, onEventResizing, onTimeRangeSelect, onTimeRangeSelected, onTimeRangeSelecting, time range context menu (Scheduler). (build 1347)
  • [Scheduler] Mouse wheel scrolling of the row header (Scheduler). (build 1351)
  • [Gantt] .hideUntilInit added (default false) to Gantt (build 1358)
  • [Scheduler] Links API. (build 1362)
  • [Scheduler] onRowClick: args.row holds the row object - in addition to args.resource (Scheduler) (build 1369)


  • [Calendar] Current time fixed after callback (Calendar) (build 1345)
  • [Scheduler] Autoexpand during moving fixed (Scheduler). (build 1352)
  • [Scheduler] Empty timeline error fixed (Scheduler, Gantt). (build 1354)
  • [Gantt] Empty timeline error fixed (Scheduler, Gantt). (build 1354)
  • [Calendar] Mouse vs. touch event handling fixed on Windows 7, 8.0 (Calendar). (build 1361)
  • [Scheduler] Cell properties expanding fixed (Scheduler). (build 1369)
  • [Scheduler] Duplicate vertical grid lines rendering fixed (Scheduler). (build 1372)