DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 7.7 SP3

Release date: April 4, 2014 (build 7.7.791)


  • Checking events.list in events.find() to prevent an exception: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined. (build 754)
  • [Scheduler] Scheduler: Real-time event moving event (onEventMoving). (build 756)
  • [Month] Date format pattern supports "ddd" (short day of week name) and "MMM" (short month name). (build 758)
  • New built-in locales added: fr-be, nl-be, fr-lu, de-lu, fr-ch, de-ch, it-ch, gl-es, eu-es, ca-es, pt-pt, de-at, pl-pl, sk-sk (build 759)
  • Checking if the placeholder element was found in .init(). (build 786)
  • [Scheduler] Scheduler: onEventClick/onEventClicked args extended with .div (holds the event div element). (build 787)
  • All built-in locales added to the demo. (build 790)


  • [Scheduler] Scheduler: Auto cell width fixed for manual timeline. (build 760)
  • [Scheduler] Scheduler: Dynamic event loading fixed (duplicate event after drag&drop update). (build 784)
  • [Scheduler] Scheduler: Drag and drop over hidden time columns fixed. (build 789)