DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 7.7 SP2

Release date: March 19, 2014 (build 7.7.751)


  • [Scheduler] onCellMouseOver, onCellMouseOut implemented. (build 714)
  • [Scheduler] Events are loaded to all rows with a matching resource id (supports rows with duplicate id). (build 725)
  • [Scheduler] TimeHeaders/GroupBy option added: "CellGroupBy" -> "Default" (build 736)
  • [Scheduler] Duplicate resources loading optimization. (build 747)


  • [Calendar] Scrollbar position fixed for columnWidthSpec="Fixed". (build 713)
  • [Bubble] Callback invoked only for server-based applications. (build 716)
  • [Scheduler] Custom scale demo fixed. (build 715)
  • [Calendar] Fixed (!cssOnly mode): "Unable to set property 'innerHTML' of undefined or null reference" on ;$2f.firstChild.innerHTML=''; (build 717)
  • [Calendar] Writing custom HTML to background cells fixed in !cssOnly mode. (build 717)
  • [Scheduler] fixing getGridWidth() issue. (build 718)
  • [Scheduler] Auto cell width fixed. (build 721)
  • [Scheduler] Separators layer fixed (AboveEvents layer placed correctly). (build 724)
  • [Calendar] Custom CSS class reset on cells after server-side update (ASP.NET, MVC, Java). (build 729)
  • [Scheduler] Floating labels updated after server-side callback. (build 731)
  • [Calendar] WeekStarts fix. (build 732)
  • [Scheduler] Time breaks for custom timeline fixed. (build 737)
  • [Scheduler] IE8 javascript timeout fixed (custom time scale). (build 737)
  • [Scheduler] Moving shadow alignment fix. (build 741)
  • [Scheduler] Moving events forward in Days mode fixed. (build 746)
  • DatePicker default theme fixed. (build 749)