DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 2024.1.5874

Release date: January 15, 2024

Vue Scheduler Components in Events


  • Rendering Vue components in events using onBeforeEventDomAdd handler (Scheduler) [tutorial]


  • Detection of Vue components in onBefore*DomAdd handlers improved. (build 5855)
  • [Scheduler] Prevent Vue from triggering a full update when events.update() is called (Scheduler). (build 5867)
  • [Scheduler] linkLayer property allows specifying the default link layer ("Above" | "Below"). (build 5868)


  • DayPilot.Event comparison fixed for cases when the object is replaced by Proxy in Vue3 (build 5856)
  • [Scheduler] Link rendering fixed (when there are events in the data set that don't belong to any Scheduler row). (build 5861)
  • [Scheduler] Rendering of links related to events created using events.add() fixed (Scheduler). (build 5869)