DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 2023.4.5820

Release date: December 1, 2023

JavaScript Scheduler Dependency Links with Custom Text


  • Link text supported for FinishToStart event links (Scheduler).
  • React 18 projects generated by UI Builder updated to React 18.2, Hooks API.
  • Vue 3 projects generated by UI Builder updated to Vue 3.3, Composition API.


  • The ResizeObserver, used in the Calendar and Scheduler for updating width- and height-related calculations, is debounced to allow smoother resizing. This should also reduce "ResizeObserver loop completed with undelivered notifications." errors. (build 5810)
  • [Scheduler] Custom data object can be passed to resizing event handlers (onEventResizingonEventResizeonEventResized) from an active area with action: "ResizeStart" or action: "ResizeEnd". It is available as args.areaData in the event handlers (Scheduler). (build 5811)


  • [Scheduler] Custom color for link dot fixed (Scheduler) (build 5802)
  • [Scheduler] The calculation of the next cell has been fixed for some edge cases during keyboard navigation, as discussed in forum question 6199 (Scheduler). (build 5802)
  • [Scheduler] Event HTML should be rendered with higher priority if both html and text are specified - regression fixed (Scheduler). (build 5807)
  • [Scheduler] The target shadow is fixed when moving multiple milestones in the Scheduler. (build 5808)
  • [Month] Incorrect event length after drag-and-drop move fixed (Month, Vue3). (build 5818)