DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 2023.3.5731

Release date: September 15, 2023

JavaScript Scheduler Row Header Column ToolTip


  • Row header column title bubble (Scheduler) [API docs]


  • [Scheduler] Event text wrapping supported during SVG export (Scheduler). (build 5721)
  • [Calendar] CalendarBeforeHeaderRenderArgs.column added to TypeScript definitions (build 5726)
  • New "edit" SVG symbol icon added to daypilot.svg (build 5726)
  • [Scheduler] Separator tooltip supported (toolTip proeprty of the separators array) - Scheduler (build 5727)


  • [Scheduler] Duplicate of the master event removed from onEventMoving/args.multimove (when events are reloaded during moving multiple events) - Scheduler. (build 5717)
  • [Scheduler] Pressing <enter> when an event is focused (keyboard navigation) fixed in Firefox (Scheduler). (build 5719)
  • [Scheduler] Event moving demo fixed (async confirmation) - Scheduler (build 5722)
  • [Scheduler] Occasional corruption of event moving when events are reloaded using onScroll (dynamic loading) during drag and drop - fixed (Scheduler). (build 5723)
  • [Scheduler] Moving multiple events (event multi-moving) over non-business hours with skipping enabled now correctly calculates the position of additional events (they can't start in non-business segments) and respects the event box offset (Scheduler). (build 5724)
  • [Scheduler] Broken event click after using an async validation (args.async = true) in onEventMove - fixed (Scheduler). (build 5728)