DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 2023.3.5679

Release date: August 1, 2023

javascript date picker responsive mode



  • [Scheduler] New drag and drop target shadow styling (Scheduler) - see a live demo (build 5627)
  • [Navigator] The cellWidth property supports "Auto" value (responsive mode) (build 5629)
  • [Navigator] Navigator.cellWidth = "Auto" works for freehand selection with showMonths > 1 and horizontal orientation (build 5630)
  • [Scheduler] onBeforeCellRender: added (Scheduler (build 5631)
  • [Scheduler] onBeforeCellRender: added - XSS protected (Scheduler) (build 5631)
  • [Scheduler] Vertical adjustment of the floating event label + arrow (Scheduler). (build 5632)
  • [Calendar] New styling of target shadow (including the forbidden position when overlaps are disabled) - Calendar (build 5669)
  • [Month] events.update() accepts a raw event data object in addition to DayPilot.Event. (build 5675)
  • [Calendar] New styling of target shadow - Monthly calendar (build 5676)


  • [Scheduler] Highlighting of rows that are pre-selected using the selectedRows property fixed (Scheduler). (build 5661)
  • [Calendar] Event moving in RTL mode fixed (Calendar). (build 5668)

API Changes

  • [Calendar] The default value of allDayEventHeight property changed from 30 to 34 (Calendar API). (build 5669)