DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 2023.1.5547

Release date: March 15, 2023


  • Calendar zoom support [docs]


  • [Calendar] DayPilot.Calendar.cssClass property added (build 5540)
  • [Calendar] Calendar zoom support (TypeScript definitions) (build 5540)
  • [Gantt] Range SVG export example added to demos (Gantt) (build 5541)
  • [Calendar] DayPilot.Event.calendar? property added to TypeScript definitions (build 5542)
  • [Calendar] Calendar zoom demo added (build 5542)
  • [Gantt] DayPilot.Gantt: getScrollX(), getScrollY(), setScrollX(), setScrollY(), scrollToRow(id) methods added (build 5543)
  • [Scheduler] Frozen rows supported by Scheduler row filter. (build 5544)


  • SVG export fixed (text objects with zero width caused an exception). (build 5540)