DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 2021.1.4828

Release date: January 1, 2021


  • [Scheduler] Full crosshair supported for frozen rows (Scheduler). (build 4811)
  • CalendarConfig.dynamicEventRenderingMarginX and dynamicEventRenderingMarginY added (TypeScript) (build 4815)
  • args argument of EventHandler<T> not optional (TypeScript) (build 4817)
  • Modal TypeScript declarations updated (build 4818)
  • [Calendar] DayPilot.Calendar.onBeforeHeaderExport/args.verticalAlignment added (build 4818)
  • [Month] DayPilot.Month.onBeforeHeaderExport/args.verticalAlignment added (build 4818)
  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Scheduler.onEventResizing/args.ctrl, args.shift, args.meta, args.alt added (build 4819)
  • [Gantt] DayPilot.Gantt.tasks.update() accepts raw data object in addition to DayPilot.Task. (build 4819)


  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Scheduler.scrollTo(date, animated, position) should use animated and position parameters when infinite scrolling is enabled - fixed. (build 4808)
  • [Scheduler] Updating event position in frozen rows fixed (Scheduler). (build 4810)
  • [Calendar] Calendar dynamic cell rendering fixed for a small number of columns (not filling the viewport). (build 4814)
  • SVG export fixed (full svg element). (build 4818)
  • [Scheduler] Scheduler time header text export fixed. (build 4818)
  • [Scheduler] "Cannot read property 'y' of null" error fixed (after hitting Enter on page with Scheduler with keyboard navigation enabled). (build 4821)
  • [Scheduler] Enforce minimum rowHeaderWidth of 0 during row header resizing - fixed (Scheduler). (build 4826)
  • [Scheduler] Rendering of previously-hidden areas after row header was resized (with rowHeaderScrollling enabled) fixed (Scheduler). (build 4827)