DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 2020.1.4205

Release date: February 1, 2020


  • Frozen rows (Scheduler) [docsdemo]
  • JSX support for events - onBeforeEventDomAdd/onBeforeEventDomRemove (Calendar) [tutorial]


  • [Scheduler] Event elements grouped using <g> during SVG export, group marked with [data-type=event], [data-id]. (build 4175)
  • [Scheduler] Event version export supported, group marked with [data-type=event-version], [data-event-id]. (build 4176)
  • [Scheduler] Event areas marked with [data-type=event-area] and [data-id] during SVG export (Scheduler). [data-id] value is set using (build 4177)
  • [Scheduler] Frozen rows demo added (Scheduler). (build 4179)
  • [Scheduler] Event versions can be defined in onBeforeEventRender (Scheduler). (build 4183)
  • TypeScript definitions updated (EventData, VersionData, AreaData). (build 4191)
  • exportAs() supports options.includeHiddenRows for options.area = "range" (build 4199)
  • [Calendar] Bubble supports React JSX in onBeforeDomAdd (Calendar) (build 4200)
  • [Calendar] JSX support for all-day events - onBeforeEventDomAdd/onBeforeEventDomRemove (Calendar) (build 4203)


  • [Scheduler] Time range selection start/end order fixed in onTimeRangeDoubleClick (Scheduler). (build 4186)
  • [Gantt] Floating time header cell CSS fixed (Gantt). (build 4198)