DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 2019.4.4073

Release date: October 15, 2019


  • Row header columns tabular mode (Scheduler) [demo]
  • Row sorting (Scheduler) [docstutorialdemo]
  • Support for forced event line position within a row (Scheduler) [tutorial]
  • Link bubbles (Scheduler) [demo


  • [Scheduler] accepts EventData in addition to DayPilot.Event (TypeScript) (build 4055)
  • [Month] accepts EventData in addition to DayPilot.Event (TypeScript) (build 4055)
  • [Gantt] DayPilot.Gantt.linkBottomMargin default value changed from 10 to 17 (build 4058)
  • [Calendar] Added: DayPilot.Calendar.columns.find(date[, id]),,, end),, (build 4058)
  • [Calendar] DayPilot.Calendar.onBeforeHeaderRender: args.column added, DayPilot.Calendar.onHeaderClick: args.column added (build 4058)
  • [Scheduler] Built-in row sorting icons in headers (Scheduler). (build 4060)
  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Scheduler.rowHeaderColumnsMode: "Tabular" set as default (build 4063)
  • DayPilot.Modal.form() initial implementation (build 4071)


  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Scheduler.cornerHtml rendering fixed. (build 4055)
  • [Scheduler] Scheduler resize + auto cell width + forced minimal event width -> row height update fixed (regression). (build 4056)
  • [Scheduler] Event moving for useEventBoxes = "Never" and snapToGrid = true fixed (Scheduler). (build 4057)
  • [Bubble] Cannot read property 'element' of undefined fixed (Bubble unloading with onBeforeDomAdd defined but without args.element set inside). (build 4062)
  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Scheduler.stopDragging() error fixed (external drag and drop). (build 4071)

API Changes

  • Scheduler: The new tabular row header columns mode is now the default one. To switch to the previous behavior, use rowHeaderColumnsMode: "Legacy".