DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 2019.1.3521

Release date: January 18, 2019


  • [Scheduler] Fixed args.start/args.end adjusting in DayPilot.Scheduler.onTimeRangeSelecting (build 3511)
  • [Kanban] DayPilot.Kanban.cornerHtml supported (build 3518)
  • [Scheduler] Text entered during inline event editing html-escaped automatically before updating the event (Scheduler). (build 3518)


  • [Scheduler] DayPilot.Scheduler.update(options): options.scrollTo, options.scrollX, and options.scrollY not applied properly (fixed) (build 3515)
  • [Calendar] Time range selection, separator position fixed for hideFreeCells=true (Calendar). (build 3517)
  • [Scheduler] Image export of separators that are out of the range fixed (Scheduler). (build 3519)
  • Internal DayPilot.Event.rawend() fixed (behaves incorrectly if global "val" variable is defined). (build 3520)