DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 2018.4.3487

Release date: November 16, 2018


  • [Scheduler] Context menu priority for Scheduler event active areas with action: "ContextMenu": area.contextMenu, (alias),, DayPilot.Scheduler.contextMenu. (build 3472)
  • [Calendar] DayPilot.Calendar.onBeforeTimeHeaderRender/args.header.time (DayPilot.Duration) (build 3474)
  •, end): end parameter is now optional (build 3475)
  • [Kanban] DayPilot.Kanban.crosshairType added (default "Disabled"). (build 3484)


  • [Scheduler] Time range selecting fixed on macOS (onTimeRangeRightClick fired on mouse up). (build 3470)
  • [Scheduler] Context menu object specified using menu/contextMenu property of an active area overrides the default DayPilot.Scheduler menu (fixed). The custom context menu only worked when there was no default menu specified. (build 3471)
  • [Scheduler] Event resizing with eventMoveSkipNonBusiness enabled fixed (Scheduler). (build 3483)