DayPilot Lite for JavaScript 2023.1.447

Release date: February 15, 2023


  • [Month] onBeforeEventRender event added to TypeScript (build 439)
  • [Calendar] onBeforeEventRender event added to TypeScript (build 439)
  • Active area dimension/position properties (left, right, top, bottom, width, height) accept a string value (e.g. "20%") in addition to a number (20). Numbers are converted to pixels, strings are used as they are. (build 441)
  • An events property with null value treated as an empty array when calling update() - the event set is updated/cleared properly (affects Angular/Vue and React attributes as well). (build 444)


  • [Navigator] - options parameter can be null - fixed ("Cannot read properties of null (reading 'dontFocus')" error) (build 441)
  • [Calendar] Event "delete" icon click shouldn't bubble to onEventClick - fixed (Calendar). (build 443)

NPM Packages

The NPM package version for this release is 3.12.0: