DayPilot Lite for JavaScript 2022.1.362

Release date: February 10, 2022


  • [Month] Event bar with customizable color


  • [Month] added (build 356)
  • [Calendar] Default calendar duration bar width set to 6px (used to be 4px) - built-in theme. (build 357)
  • [Calendar] Event text color updated (from #666 to #333, default CSS theme) (build 359)
  • [Month] Month: event bar supported and enabled by default (DayPilot.Month.eventBarVisible, event data: barColor, barHidden) (build 359)
  • [Month] accepts a raw data object (in addition to DayPilot.Event object). (build 359)

NPM Packages

The NPM package version for this release is 3.2.0.