DayPilot Lite for JavaScript 1.3

Release date: November 2, 2015 (build 1.3.187)

javascript event calendar scheduler open source localization


Improved DayPilot.Date class implementation.

  • API compatible with DayPilot Pro
  • Shared instances - one point in time is always represented by the same DayPilot.Date instance
  • Support for direct comparison (===, <, > operators)
  • Immutable
  • Encapsulated implementation (no access to internal properties)
  • Improved formatting and parsing
  • Comparable using AngularJS equals() method
  • Millisecond support

For more information see DayPilot.Date in the documentation.


Calendar uses timeFormat (12/24 hour clock) specified in the locale (for the default .timeFormat = "Auto" value).

Calendar .headerDateFormat uses the current .locale when formatting the day header text.